Allergenic mold- is one of the most common. In nature, it aids in decomposition by breaking down organic materials such as dead or decaying plants. Most allergenic molds are perfectly harmless to your health, but if exposed to the organic materials inside your home, they can still result in structural damage. In addition, it can cause allergies in those individuals who are overly sensitive to mold.

Pathogenic mold- is a little more serious when it comes to your health. If you or someone in your household has a suppressed, underdeveloped or compromised immune system, then pathogenic mold exposure can pose a serious health risk.

Toxigenic (or toxic) mold- is very detrimental to your well-being and in some cases, even deadly – serious to your health. Toxigenic mold contains and releases mycotoxins, which are then inhaled. When toxigenic molds are found, immediate action must be taken by professional mold removers with proper removal equipment.

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